How we work

Starfuels is simply the answer to the question behind your question

It is our goal to be in the right place at the right time. We believe that the networks Starfuels has developed through the years can enable us to act quickly in order to provide our clients with some of the best possible solutions. Starfuels wants to be more than the answer to all your questions. We want our expertise and experience to help our customers achieve greater profitability and success. This is done to gain your trust, and the trust of all of our clients. We want you to understand how we work with you and what it takes for us to build a successful working relationship together.

Energy in a global market

Starfuels is at home in the niche market for oil related products, where customer-anonymity and exclusivity are paramount. Starfuels operates in three different markets. Firstly, Starfuels does business in the market of major brands and refineries, who sell and buy their stock by utilizing our services. Secondly, Starfuels works for trading and supply organizations. Finally, Starfuels searches and finds oil for a group of end-users: local harbor suppliers, ship-owners, factories, energy plants and others. Our organizations are covering the triangle of Europe, Asia and the USA. Find us!

Our people

The quality of Starfuels equals the quality of our people.

We believe all of our brokers are formed by their experience in the various markets in which they operate, with every one of them striving to be a specialist in his or her own field. They all possess the personality and the mentality that Starfuels proudly presents its customers. We believe they share the ambition to know the needs of their clients inside and out, which can help put them a step ahead of our competition. Meet us