Starfuels is a brokerage firm in physical oil products and financial instruments. Currently our sole focus is on niche markets within the Energy sector. Starfuels has the ambition to exceed expectations, to go the extra mile and to meet the desired outcome.

We believe that our unique understanding of our customers, their products and their portfolios has allowed us to specialize into meeting our customers’ needs and requirements.

By respecting the norms and values, and by operating together, we strive to distinguish ourselves.

Starfuels represents, as an independent party, the interests of its key accounts by establishing voluntary transactions between customers. Market knowledge, industry standards and effectiveness are competencies we strive to enforce in our corporate culture. We believe these intrinsic values can help attract highly experienced brokers that give us a strong competitive advantage against our competitors, which in turn, can provide our customers with the insight needed to sustain successful operations.

Starfuels focuses on oil products, crude oil petroleum feedstocks and Biofuels.

Oil Products

We believe fossil fuels remain the world’s most used source of energy when it comes to powering machinery and modes of transportation. Fuel oil is any liquid petroleum product that is burned in a furnace or a boiler for the production of heat or used in an engine for the generation of power, with exception to oils that hold a flash point of approximately 40 °C (104 °F). Residential use fuel oils are classified as Number 1, 2, or 3, and industrial ones are classified as Number 4, 5, or 6 according to their specific gravity (higher the number, higher the specific gravity). Number 5 and 6 are utilized mainly for powering ships and are also known as bunker oils. Fuel Oil is the prime source of energy for Starfuels' line of product.

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Starfuels specializes in brokerage services within the growing ethanol, biodiesel, and RINs markets. We provide market coverage to major energy companies, fuel ethanol producers, marketing companies, agricultural companies, investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, and other trading companies. The Starfuels Renewables desk offers a centralized liquid marketplace for the purchase and sale of the full range of renewable fuel over-the-counter (OTC) products. We believe that we have a committed team that delivers efficient and competitive brokerage services in physical and financial for ethanol, biodiesel, and RINs.

By acting as a neutral intermediary, we anonymously match buyers and sellers of physical and financial instruments and strive to execute orders for such buyers and sellers at the most attractive price available. We believe the unprecedented petroleum price volatility, bigger environmental concerns and escalating interest in reducing the USA’s dependence on foreign fuels has created an environment that has led to the growth of a global renewables market. We believe that this has created the need for heightened price transparency and enhanced market liquidity. To solicit customers to enter into various futures and swaps contracts, including options thereof, the Starfuels Renewables desk provides pricing sheets and market research and analysis to customers with a market-to-market price perspective for ethanol, biodiesel, and RINs for both short-dated and long-dated time horizons.

Through our integrated offices worldwide we aim to cover all market sectors. The core of our business is based on our commitment to our clientele. We strive to always put our customer's needs first. We believe we are innovative and performance driven with a determination to deliver on every commitment made to those with whom we do business.

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